American Reforestation Initiative






Our Mission

To organize grassroots projects by bringing volunteers and donations together to plant trees and recreate forests with the health of our environment and communities in mind.

Our History

American Reforestation Initiative (ARI), a Nebraska nonprofit, was established in 2020 by its founder, Alan Weiss, and a volunteer board with a shared interest in the environmental and human health benefits of trees.

Our Work

ARI takes a grassroots approach to collaborate with like-minded organizations, enthusiastic volunteers, and benevolent donors to develop projects and programs that lead to the group’s main goal: planting trees and restoring forests. 

Our Leadership

  • Alan Weiss - President
  • Sarah Shaver - Treasury
  • Jeffrey Stokes - Secretary
  • Robert Grauman
  • David Lambe
  • Mike Muller
  • Ellen Paparozzi
  • Kevyn Sopinski